Future House I Micro House 

Design competition 2017



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This little micro house is located in the forest, not far from the city. About 2-3 km from the city away.

It has bright and light glass front (looking to the south), which lets light flow in the living room (23.5qm) with integrated kitchen and built-in closets from both sides. Glass has possibility of sunshades, in order to keep cool inside during hot days. But the owners are sun-lovers, who appreciate every single sun-shine which is showing up between the high trees. 


The house is though small but it has all one needs to live a fullfilled life with his or her beloved one. It has all the neccessary things in it without any unneccessary or unused items. 

micro house _ Schnitt CC.jpg

Section C-C

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In the Future

This little house can be in the future as a tree house located high between the trees, taking almost no space on the ground.

Bathroom is small, but has all the neccessary things for one get ready. It has also big matt-glass (not transparent) to let light inside while taking shower. Bathroom door is next to the stairs which leads to the next level of the house, where is placed the sleeping room with a little working space / table. It has big window to the ceiling, which let´s early morning sunshine to spread the light softly inside the sleeping room and makes easy for owners to wake up very early, as they like it. It lets also to sleep under the moon & stars and dream big. 

In total the house is 38.5qm. Living room and the Kitchen (23.5qm) are as one space for the couple who is living there and their guests. On the „Kitchen´s wall“ are all built-in kitchen accessories as dischwasher, fridge, microwave, stove, wash sink etc. On the opposite side of the kitchen, there is built-in shelves with integrated „guests´double bed„



Night view



As self-sufficient house     

Scheme hiting.jpg


This tiny house is not only small and functional, not only esthetically nice and beatiful to live in, and not only sustainable, its also self sufficient unit, which produces it´s own heating and cooling systems through Photovoltaic sun collectors and Heating and cooling water pump.

It´s goal is to have well culculated system which have least harm on the surrounding Environment.